YachtWash System

Part Number: YW230


Misters Unlimited™ YachtWash system is the efficient, non-abrasive ultimate yacht cleaning solution.


Misters Unlimited™ YachtWash System YW230

Misters Unlimited™ allows you to reach any and every spot on your boat with the ease of a single wand. No buckets. No solution containers. No hose. No problem!

  • Central 3-set wash down system

  • Soap, rinse and spot free rinse capacity

  • Quick connect water inlet and outlet fittings

  • Solenoid water shut=off valve

  • High pressure (1250 PSI), high volume (3 GPM) output

  • Adjustable pressure regulator and gauge on face of pump

  • All marine grade components completely contained in wash-down duty housing

  • YachtWash ventilated housing remotely installed in machinery compartment

  • Quick connect stations conveniently located

  • Mar-free plastic coated stainless steel adjustable wand

  • Integrated WindowWash system optional

  • Available in YachtWash module or YachtWash Misters System Combination

  • Unique Patent Pending Design