Three-Head Misting Jet without Jets

Part Number: MJ3


Misters Unlimited™ Jets are corrosion resistant, made exclusively in stainless steel and brass with titanium inserts.  Our jets provide ultra-fine atomization, minimizing water consumption and are discrete in appearance.

Misters Unlimited™ Jets include a built-in check ball to ensure drip protection while leak-proof silicon o-rings are color coded for easy orifice identification.  With a water tight seal, seating the silicon o-ring is easily achieved.  Simply hand tighten.  An array of unique jet designs achieve a custom installation in all applications.


  • MJ3 Three-Head Misting Jet (without Jets)

  • Stainless Steel, and Brass. 

  • All jets are fitted with Stainless Steel inserts. 

  • Silicon o-ring seal in orifice sized from .008” to .020”. 

  • Flow rates from .5 – 5 GPH / 1.89 – 18.93 LPH. 

  • Available in both 10/24 and 12/24 threads. 

  • Ask about optional larger capacity jets.