10 Mister Jet Direct Drive Pump Module 24 Volt DC

Part Number: PM10DD24



The PM10 24 volt DC Misters Unlimited™ pump facilitates the majority of misting applications with minimal consumption of electricity, water and space through its unique design of power, capacity and installation ease. A Quick Connect Inlet and Outlet allow for tool-free connections. Just place the compact PM10 Mister Pump where power and water are most convenient and connect. No tools required!

Misters Unlimited™ utilizes only the highest quality non-corrosive materials – stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and nickel-plated brass – built to withstand the harsh marine environment. On or off the water, Misters Unlimited™ is leading the industry in unprecedented built-to-last quality. Each PM10 Mister Pump is self-contained and compact, in a wash down duty aluminum enclosure and is factory bench tested to ensure both your satisfaction and our commitment to quality.

The PM10 Mister Pump is available standard 115 volt, 230 volt or 12 volt DC, with European voltage available upon request.

The PM10 Mister Pump distinctively allows pressure regulation, from 500 to 1000 psi, allowing maximum control of the pressure and water vapor density at any time.

Maintenance and service for our PM10 Mister Pump is easy. The filter, located in the large external canister, should be replaced approximately every 3 months (depending on use). Simply unscrew the clear filter canister, dispose of the used filter, rinse canister clean, replace with new filter and reattach clear filter canister to the PM10 Mister Pump. Thus, the need to ever have to enter the sealed PM10 Mister Pump compartment is eliminated. It is that easy!

A low water protection circuit, high temperature/pressure relief valves, and water resistant motor assembly allow for worry-free operation.

Pre-assembled and installation ready, the self-contained Misters Unlimited pump module is mounted on a polymer platform supported on rubber isolation mounts for vibration-free operation.

The PM10 Misting Pump features:

  • PM10DD24 Power to run 10 Mister Jets at 1000 PSI / 70 bar, up to 12 jets at 800 PSI / 56 bar

  • Compact, completely contained aluminum powder coated housing

  • All marine grade components in wash down duty housing

  • Adjustable pressure regulator & gauge on face of pump

  • Quick connect water inlet & outlet fittings

  • Designed to be floor mounted or wall hung

  • Solenoid water shut-off valve

  • Built-in fuse & switch

  • Easily replaceable canister filter for purest mist quality

  • Perfect for any size boat with onboard fresh water systems

  • Compact size for convenient placement & installation ease