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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can either download a PDF file or Contact Us and we will send a brochure directly to you.

Misters Unlimited™ transforms virtually any outdoor environment into your comfort zone through "flash evaporation." Our Outdoor Comfort System™ is a HIGH pressure (1000psi) and LOW volume system (1 gph/jet). The combination of our High Pressure Marine grade pumps and ultra fine Mister Unlimited™ Jets create microscopic droplets that are finer than fog! When exposed to the surrounding sun light, the water molecules instantly "flash evaporate" while cooling the area, purifying the air and naturally repelling insects.

The Mister Pump is available standard 115V, 230V or 12V DC, with European Voltage available upon request.

Yes! Check out our Photo Gallery to see the most recent installations.

Where ever you are, we will ship to you.

Standard systems will normally ship within 3 to 5 business days. Rush shipments are available. For customized system orders, shipping will vary depending on product availability but normally ships within 2 weeks. In stock accessory part orders will ship within 24 hours of ordering.

We use Federal Express to ship all of our products.

If you are uncertain about which system is right for you, please complete our Custom Design Form. Based on the information that you submit, we will recommend the right system for your area.

Depending on humidity, perimeter misting can reduce temperatures up to 30 degrees in Arizona and 15 degrees in Florida. A typical AC unit is 18 degrees on first pass in perfect conditions.

The water consumption of each Misters Unlimited™ system is determined by the number of jets misting at any one time. The consumption of each jet is easily calculated. Each jet consumes only 1 gallon per hour (1 gph/jet). If you are have 4 jets going for the 3 peak heat hours of the day, 12 gallons of water will be misted.

We recommend setting the pressure gauge at 1000psi when running the system to achieve the "flash evaporation" affect. The higher the pressure - the finer the mist. If you choose to run the system at less than 1000psi, the mist will have a tendency to linger in your area, creating larger water droplets and moisture accumulation.

The purpose of our Mister Jet™ is to finely mist an area without getting you wet. Our standard Mister Jet™ has an orifice .008" (8/1000 of an inch) which is smaller in diameter than a human hair. This allows the Mister Jet™ to have the "flash evaporation" affect.

ctually blend in with the foliage better than stainless steel jets. In other applications, we use Stainless Steel Mister Jets™.

The Anti-Drip Adapter consists of ball and spring. When installed prior to the Mister Jets™, it helps prevent jet leakage when the system is shut off.

Depending on use, the filter cartridge should be replaced every 3 months or once each season. The Mister Jets™ need to be replaced approximately every year.

For the Mister Jets™: Periodic cleaning of the jets is recommended if the jets become clogged. Soak the jets in CLR or Vinegar to clean the jets.


For the PM10 Mister Pump: Maintenance and service for our PM10 Mister Pump is easy. The filter, located in the large external canister, should be replaced approximately every 3 months (depending on use). Simply unscrew the clear filter canister, dispose of the used filter, rinse canister clean, replace with new filter and reattach new filter-canister to the PM10 Mister Pump. Thus, the need to ever have to enter the sealed PM10 Mister Pump compartment is eliminated. It is that easy!


For the Mister High Capacity Pump: An annual "check-up" for the pump is recommended. This check-up should include changing of the oil and the filter elements. Oil changes are required after 500 hours of use. Filter elements are dependant on local water conditions, but at a minimum should be changed once each season.


NOTE: If the installation is subject to freezing and is not in use, the system should be completely drained of water, including the empting of the filter canisters each fall and placed indoors for winter.

Location, location, location. The pump needs to be placed in an accessible area in order to be able to turn the system on and off and to perform maintenance on the pump. The location of the water source and electrical source also need to be considered. For a standard 115V system, all that is required is a standard electrical outlet and a water source. It is not a problem if the water source and electrical source are not together. Prior to designing your system, you will have to decide where the pump will be installed and then the distance each source is from the pump.

Spacing is determined by the height of the overhang you are attaching the Mister Jets™ to.

If you are misting a landscaping area or an area without an overhang, spacing is dependent on the amount of mist that you desire. The closer the spacing the more mist you will get.

45 degree angle away from the area to be cooled works best with the least amount of residual moisture.

Misters Unlimited™ has been designed with the installer in mind. Your Misters Unlimited™ system can be up and misting in a matter of hours depending on your system application. Installs can take anywhere from a few hours, to a day's work.

Depending on your location, Misters Unlimited™ or one of our Authorized Distributors can assist you with your installation - either by doing the installation for you or helping you plan out your installation when designing your system. Please Contact Us for more information.

No. The system was designed for easy installation. As long as a standard electrical outlet is available, an electrician is not needed. If you would like to have an electrical switch separate from the pump in order to turn the system on and off, you would have to have an electrician install that switch.

See our Troubleshooting Section to determine where the problem is.

Contact Us directly.