This week we operated our trade show booth at the annual International Boatbuilders' Exhibition (IBEX) Convention in Tampa, FL. There we displayed our Misters Unlimited Outdoor Comfort Systems and various fittings. We also exhibited our sister companies IceFree's Liquid Chilling Systems ( and Innovative Products' various inventions, from latch systems to ball valve adapters (

The turnout was rather good. There were a multitude of different vendors and large companies from the marine industry displaying anything from plastic-enforced teak to electronic sunshades that collapsed into a hardtop.  It was a very engaging environment with constant interaction between the hundreds of booths, vendors  and thousands of people browsing them.  Our booth was located on the first floor of the Tampa Bay Convention Center and was met with a constant flow of potential customers, boatbuilders and other vendors.  The curious passerbys were usually drawn to our booth by our magnetic marine cup-holders, one of our newest products from our Innovative Products line. After explaining the simple but brilliant, hidden magnetic cup-holders I would then give a brief, but detailed summary of our Misters Unlimited line of products. 

As at other shows before this one, every once in awhile we would meet someone who claimed that our product(s) must corrode and that the mister jet nozzles probably clog up due to the constant exposure to a saltwater environment.  I would address their concerns and explain how now our line of fittings and nozzles are all marine-grade stainless steel and that the actual nozzle tips themselves are now offered in ceramic, which cannot possibly corrode.  I also stressed the necessity to perform required, routine maintenance checks and filter changes as well as other easy steps as to keep the Misters Unlimited Cooling System running optimally.  Just like anyone does for their home air-conditioning system, or their motor vehicle.  Once I could get all of this across to them verbally, as well as being able to physically show the components to them, they started to grasp that our Marine-grade Misters Unlimited product line is high quality, not a corrosive, cheap alternative. Overall it was a great, informative experience that enabled us to not only give our brand more presence in the yachting products industry, but we were also able to engage and network with other boat-builders such as Hatteras, SeaVee, Christensen, and Boston-Whaler to name a few.  Any interaction with our boat-builder friends is always a good thing to expand our presence in the market and increase business!