Just the other day here at Misters Unlimited we received a call to help a new boat owner get his onboard misting system operational.  We receive calls rather frequently from recent boat buyers that discover one of our custom Misters Unlimited colling and outdoor comfort systems installed onboard but need instructiona and/or replacement parts for it because the previous owner neglected the unit.  Most of the time we can troubleshoot it over the phone but if the boat is local we will go out and repair it ourselves as long as the client is willing to pay for the labor of a service call, which this client was willing to do.

Upon my arrival to the 28’ Deep Impact vessel I turned on the onboard freshwater pump to pressurize the lines and then turned our 12v Economy Misters Unlimited pump on.  I could hear the pump’s motor turn on and engage but it did not sound like it was properly pressurizing to 800-1,000psi.  Accordingly, I unplugged two jet nozzles from our patented Flush Mount Plates in the hardtop and then reran the pump to see if I could release any unwanted air in the lines/pump.  After watching a steady stream of fairly pressurized water come out from those two Flush Mount Plates I turned the pump off, then screwed the jets back in & turned our pump on again.  Once again it was not building up adequate pressure in the lines.  I then deduced that unless there is a leak in one of the fittings attached to the lines, the culprit must be a faulty low water pressure safety switch (which is the switch that tells the pump to engage and build up the necessary output pressure for mist).  After thoroughly inspecting all the lines running up to the hardtop by removing the speakers and panels and finding them all intact I realized that the water pressure safety switch must be faulty.  Fortunately, I had a replacement with me and it took less than 15 minutes to install it.  Once replaced, I ran the system again and was happy to see our patented Misting Jet Nozzles emitting the proper amount of mist from each tip.  All in all it was a relatively easy repair, as well as an inexpensive one.  Before departing I gave our new client a complete, detailed walk through of the model of our Misters Unlimited system onboard his boat.  From the techniques on cleaning the jet nozzles, to when to replace the necessary filters and onitoring pressure levels.  He was very pleased to be well-informed and better acquainted with our state-of-the-art Misting System. He appreciated our help with getting it back up and running to its optimal potential.