Monday morning brought with it the conclusion to a very large installation project.  This installation was at a new children’s preschool located in Miramar, FL, rather than onboard a motor-yacht. Although the majority of our systems are used in the marine industry, we have also installed many systems in commercial and residential enviroments.

The client was looking for a way to alleviate the high heat and humidity, which was negatively affecting the young children on a daily basis, throughout the outdoor playground area of the preschool.  After looking over photos of the sections that they wanted covered we immediately assessed that our patented 18’’ Mister Jet Misting Fans would be the best solution to the problem.  Over a two-day period we pulled our high-pressure Misters Unlimited neoprene tubing through conduits on the premises that led to the playground areas.  This was the most difficult and time consuming task of the entire install.  After running the individual water lines, mounting the High-Capacity Misters Unlimited Land Based Pump & plumbing it, we then mounted the fans.  We bolted the brackets to the playground structures and also secured each one with a high-tensile cable from the top.  Once all of the fans were up, plumbed and plugged in we adjusted the directions in which they were to be most effective and ran our first pressure test.  As expected, the pump immediately engaged, built pressure and performed optimally once all the air was purged out of the lines. 

The pictures do a great job illustrating the effectiveness of our fans in action.  The client was very pleased with the end result and very impressed with the actual drop in temperature of the affected areas.  We are glad that the kids can now enjoy their new playground facilities comfortably within the cooling mists of another quality Misters Unlimited product.