We received a phone call from a previous client inquiring about the possibility of adding more mister jets to their Misters Unlimited Oudoor Comfort System on their 28’ Deep Impact to increase the mist and colling areas.  After hearing a brief description as to where he wanted more mist and looking over pictures of the vessel, we gathered a few different flush mount plates with attachments, tubing and mister jet nozzles before departure.  Our client had a fully functioning system already in place but only had our under-gunnel Adjustable Arms installed along the port and starboard sides.  However, his Bimini top above had a part of its aluminum structure exposed from canvas and was running the length of it just above the helm.  After assessing the need to access that tube and use it as a conduit for our misting lines, we proceeded to remove the panel located just forward of it.  We then ran tubing from a speaker hole on the starboard side of the boat up to the above location where I was to install our patented Flush Mount Plates. I chose the starboard side of the boat due to the fact that our Misters Unlimited Economy 12v System was located in one of the bilges on that side.  After running a probe line and making sure that I had acquired access through that tube I proceeded to tap, pilot & then step-drill bit 2 holes wide enough to fit our brushed stainless steel ¾” wide Flush Mount Plates with push-thread elbow attachments.  After attaching the misting lines to the connections I then tapped out screw holes for some stainless steel machine screws which secured them in place.  Upon completion of those plates I spliced my 2 independent lines together with our Misters Unlimited quick-connect tee’s and plumbed that connection with the previous tubing attached to the pump.  Upon running the system with the new flush mount plate attachments I noticed that the mist was spraying straight down onto the dash and creating moisture/condensation.  Upon brainstorming for a solution to this I conceived the idea of adding 2 Misters Unlimited Mini-Swivels with our Dual-Cluster Heads attached to each.  Not only would this alter the direction of the mist away from the dash and electronics, it would also add one of our state of the art .008” Supreme Ceramic Jet Nozzle to each attachment, thereby creating twice the mist without the need to install more mounts.  In the end our client was very pleased with the extra mist that he is able to enjoy, as well as the sleek, inconspicuous design of his new stainless steel Misters Unlimited Flush Mount Plates & attachments.