One of this week’s installs was onboard a 60’ Hatteras Sportfisher.  Our patented Misters Unlimited Outdoor Cooling Systems are an ideal solution for transforming the blisteringly hot aft deck area of a sportfisher into a cooling refuge.  A good percentage of our Misters Unlimited systems are specifically ordered to alleviate this very problem onboard these types of vessels.  It is always very rewarding for us to see the positive response from the clients when we enable them to use their aft deck area for fishing in a much more comfortable environment.  Due to the open-ended aft deck area we usually install three to five of our patented, low-profile Flush Mount Plates accompanied with Mister Jet Swivel-heads, which enables the customer to independently position the trajectory of each misting nozzle, thereby maximizing control & effectiveness.  In addition to the Mister Jet nozzles in the overhead we almost always install our custom, Adjustable Jet Arms underneath the gunnels.  This perfect pairing of Flush Mount Plates & Adjustable Jet Arms under the gunnels truly creates an extremely effective, concentrated “cloud” of mist that lowers the ambient temperature an average of 15 degrees!