Earlier this week we received a service call regarding a Misters Unlimited system onboard a 60’ Baia motor yacht in Aventura.  The client wanted our patented, outdoor cooling system, (115v PM10 model) to generate more mist.  Upon arrival I conversed with him as to how he wanted to go about increasing the level of coverage on deck.  At first he suggested that I drill out and add more flush-mount plates to the overhead and side panels.  I then offered an easier, less costly alternative solution of dual jet-head clusters. These small attachments enable the mount to produce twice as much mist rather than installing additional flush-mount plates.  After quickly installing the dual-cluster heads I ran the PM10 misting system.  As always I stayed down in the engine room to monitor the increase in pressure on the gauge of the face of the pump.  As I watched the needle climb up to the appropriate level of pressure it continued to rise past 1,150psi.  I immediately turned off the system as to not risk blowing out a line or fitting somewhere in the bulkhead or overhead.  I then proceeded to make my way back up onto the deck & asked the owner if anyone had turned up the pressure on the pump.  He then confirmed my suspicions by informing me that he had in fact turned up the pressure thinking that it would generate more mist.  THIS IS A COMMON MISCONCEPTION & SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL TIMES!  Increasing the pressure to more than 1,000psi only heightens the risk of one or more of the misting lines coming off the pump, resulting in a rupture and leak, which is the last thing that anyone wants onboard.  Once I explained all of this to the client he fully understood why it is so detrimental and not a viable solution.  Once I adjusted the pressure to the appropriate level, right around 950psi, the misting system was running at optimal capacity.  I then turned it off and changed out all the jet filters as well as the filter in the external canister housing on the face of the pump.  After swapping all the old filters out for new ones I reran the system one final time in order to properly pressurize the lines & to show the great, final results to the owner.  We were able to generate TWICE as much cooling mist with just the addition of a few fittings!