About Us


Misters Unlimited™ looks forward to changing the way you experience the
outdoors - in cool comfort.

About Us

Company Background

A South Florida native, Seann Pavlik has lived and worked on the water his entire life. He has years of experience designing and constructing in the marine, residential and commercial fields. Seann has combined his expertise to design a level of outdoor comfort never before achieved. Due to his passion for innovation and commitment to excellence, he has been catapulted to the top of the industry. These same characteristics have been the driving forces throughout the development of Misters Unlimited™ Outdoor Comfort Systems™.

Developed with both the installer and the consumer in mind, Misters Unlimited™ provides an out-of-sight Outdoor Comfort System™ installed in less than a day. Misters Unlimited™ is reducing outdoor temperatures by at least 15° on average at 1000psi through "flash evaporative" cooling.

Over many years of development, testing in the field and sales, Misters Unlimited™ has been enthusiastically received by leading marine manufactures, private residential owners, and commercial enterprises. They and their customers can now experience the outdoors like never before.

Where is your comfort zone? Wherever you are!

Experience the difference Misters Unlimited™ has made on the Great Outdoors. Our patented Outdoor Comfort System™ transforms your Marine, Residential, or Commercial venue into your Comfort Zone.

Misters Unlimited™ has taken a simple natural phenomenon, evaporative cooling, to an unprecedented level. The system works by atomizing water at 1000psi which reduces the outdoor temperatures by at least 15° through "flash evaporative" cooling. Imagine natural outdoor air conditioning and you have arrived at your Comfort Zone.

More than mist! Misters Unlimited™ is constantly developing and diversifying our product line to facilitate the ultimate outdoor experience; from on-board, high pressure cleaning solutions, to built-in window cleaning. Whether by land or by sea, we work to achieve the ultimate in outdoor comfort.

Developed with both the discriminating client and the installer in mind, Misters Unlimited™ provides the ultimate in quality, performance, and seamless incorporation. All this is achieved with a "No Tools Required" installation!


The Efficient, Non-abrasive Yacht Cleaning Solution.
Reach any and every spot on your boat with the ease of a single wand. No buckets. No solution containers. No hose. No problem!


The Built-In Clear View, Window Washing Solution.
Aboard your boat or at home, keep the view beautiful and clear with Windowwash™.